Self+Tucker Architects

Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan

In our role as Memphis 3.0 Architects and Planners, Self+Tucker Architects is working with the City of Memphis Planning Staff, district residents, community stakeholders and a Memphis based artist to craft a future land use strategy for 5 planning districts in Memphis. The districts include Frayser, South Memphis, Whitehaven, Raleigh, and Cordova. We have been stationed within each district for 3 months to engage in community based planning and conduct a series of workshops. The workshops provide opportunities for residents to identify essential characteristics, establish priorities, and consider ways in which the district might improve, change, and grow over the next 20 years. A unique aspect of our comprehensive planning process are the community engagement activities led by our Artist Neili Jones. During our time in each district the artist hosts pop-up community engagement events to creatively encourage and inform residents about upcoming workshops and how they can get involved. Our visualization team is also crafting renderings that incorporate the community input and reflect the aspiration and outcomes that the Memphis 3.0 participants envision for the transformation of their communities.