Self+Tucker Architects

Riverside Missionary Baptist Church

The design focused on transforming a 129 year old church from traditional to a modern worship facility. The exterior of the entrance is designed as lantern representing the light on the hill as referenced in the bible. The entrance is walled with 25 feet of African patterned glass windows allowing the maximum amount of light in the space. The grand foyer is oriented at a 45 degree angle to attract and invite oncoming foot traffic to the open communal space. The previous design had limited communal and sanctuary capacity and inefficient utilities and power structures. The sanctuary comfortably seats 800 and has a more open design creating an intimate feel between the congregation and the pulpit. The new development allows for more service and operational functions to occur as well as includes sustainable features to better manage and utilize utilities. The design team had to consider materials, systems, and assemblies from various perspectives to deliver a spiritual environment.