Self+Tucker Architects

Kingsbury Elementary School

This project added a separate two-story building with 12 classrooms to the school campus, improving learning experiences and opportunities for the students. The first floor includes classrooms for pre-k, functional skills, and music, along with a resource center. The 5th-grade classrooms, STEM lab, and teachers’ lounge are on the second floor. The addition’s design includes elements of the school’s culture through the use of color, texture, and bilingual signage. ADA accessibility is prioritized throughout the building particularly in the restrooms and with the addition of an elevator. Because buildings contribute to 40% of all carbon emissions, sustainable features were incorporated including light-colored roofing membrane to reduce heat island effects, energy-efficient windows, high-performance HVAC, low-flow toilet fixtures, and low VOC paint and sealants. Ultimately, our sustainable design approach should result in a comfortable, healthy, learning environment for teachers and students as well as energy savings and lower operating costs for MSCS throughout the life of the building.

"Self + Tucker walked me through every aspect of the new building project and met all of our needs. We are very pleased with the finished product."

– Wynn Earle, Jr. - Principal of Kingsbury Elementary School