Self+Tucker Architects

First United Methodist Church

One of the missions of First United Methodist Church is to host ministries to the homeless. The church gathers volunteers and provide food at the alley located beside the church. The homeless people would gather there to eat and conversate with one another. As there are deteriorating tables, non-accessible spaces, depreciated elements, and dazzling direct sunlight, the pastor of the church wants to renovate the alley and approached STA to come up with a design solution. The solution was to provide a screen that would diffuse the direct sunlight, play with profile of the church, and provide a more welcoming feel. The alley is designated into three different zones which include the Lounge, Serving area, and the Dining area. In the Lounge space, people can gather and meet while the food is getting ready to be served. The Lounge space showcases a Donor wall to appreciate the sponsors.