Self+Tucker Architects

Melrose Place

Melrose Place, located at the intersection of Barron Avenue and Semmes Street, is redevelopment of the abandoned Barronbrook Apartment Complex. Originally constructed in the 1960s, the complex was comprised of 190 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom units spread across 12 buildings. Self Tucker’s vision for Melrose Place removes several buildings, opening up the site and bringing fresh air and light into the grounds. The remaining six buildings – five apartment buildings and the office/community center – will be transformed by the installation of a new roofing system that breaks from the dull green siding that had become associated with the complex. There are 80 units, five of which are ADA-accessible. The main pedestrian entrance to the complex will be further differentiated from the original by the creation of a balcony at the 2nd-floor community room. The design of the covered balcony echoes the mid-century modern aesthetic of the original complex, but offers a fresh take on the mansard profile with the installation of a standing seam metal roof.

"We're trying to rebuild the community, one brick at a time. "

– Robert Lipscomb, the city director of Housing and Community Development