Self+Tucker Architects

Cordova District Planning

As apart of Memphis 3.0 planning efforts, STA designed improvements to 2 anchor areas in the community. Old Cordova / Within the Old Cordova location, there are vacant buildings and spaces in need of new life. The design proposes to renovate the buildings with façade improvements and new programs. The open spaces could hold various development opportunities while maintaining the historic character of the area. Also, the new improvements to the public realm include new public access and amenities such as bike lanes, crosswalks, walking trails, public plazas, and landscaping improvements. Fischer Steel / The current Fischer Steel area along Germantown Parkway has an abundance of industrial and open space that could supply greater natural spaces for residents to gather and have more connections to the existing Shelby Farms access point. Walkability, streetscapes, and connections are proposed to be improved to create more pedestrian-friendly commercial spaces and providing more outdoor public amenities.