Self+Tucker Architects

Green Leaf Learning Farm Expansion

Self+Tucker Architects in partnership with the Memphis based Knowledge Quest received the 2013 Mid-South Regional Greenprint sub-planning award for the expansion of the Green Leaf Learning Farm. The vision of the Green Leaf Learning Farm Phase 2 was to expand the opportunities for social and urban renewal of the South Memphis neighborhood through agriculture. The goal was to develop a green Master Plan that would allow Knowledge Quest, a community based non-profit organization, to market and implement their neighborhood-based program of urban farming practices and develop a strategy for sustainable growth. The objective of the Master Plan was to provide access to healthy affordable food for the surrounding community, supply the network of local farmers’ markets, offer Community Supported Agriculture program, and raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating and food preparation. The Phase 2 plan for the Green Leaf Learning Farm also aimed to create a broader learning environment where adults and children could participate in hands-on projects related to urban agriculture, water conservation, and farming skills. With the help of the local community members, our team analyzed the existing assets and the surrounding vacant lots and identified opportunities for Farm expansion. Community engagement through public meetings and workshops played a major role in the development of the final Master Plan.