Self+Tucker Architects

New Towne Center at Soulsville

The New Towne Center at Soulsville is a 68,000 SF mixed use development that will serve to signify another chapter in the neighborhood’s revitalization. Located on historic McLemore Avenue across from STAX Museum and Academy, it consists of two parts-a commercial /retail building and a grocery store. STA sought to insert the development into the existing neighborhood by designing it to blend seamlessly into the urban fabric. The commercial-retail building will not only serve commercial and retail uses, but also will be home to administrative offices as well as meeting rooms for community uses. All these uses will be organized around a central plaza to re-enforce the neighborhood feel.

"We had to make sure we included the people in the neighborhood.... You can't leave the people behind. You have to develop them right along with the houses."

– Jeffery Higgs