Self+Tucker Architects

Memphis City Council Chamber and Hall of Mayors

Memphis City Hall was designed in the 1960s by renowned modernist A. L. Aydelott and is one of the most important civic spaces in the city for public assembly. The goal of this renovation was to provide minimal yet impactful upgrades to the interior. In the City Council Chamber, the plaster ceiling was abated and the original recessed canned light fixtures were replaced with new LEDs on smart dimmers and lighting controls. The carpet was replaced, while the front, rear, middle and side aisles were refinished with an epoxy finish harmonic with the adjacent Lobby’s terrazzo flooring. The existing rear wall and alcove panels were also repainted with a gradient pattern apropos to the other finishes, repairs, and replacements including new glass entry doors and reupholstered audience seating. The Hall of Mayors, which connects The Council Chamber and MLK Conference Room, also received upgrades to the skylights, increasing natural light and reviving an interior foyer.