Self+Tucker Architects

NAACP Headquarters

This project is a prime example of how a small project can be a catalyst for reviving Memphis Neighborhoods. The highly targeted scope focused on Energy Efficiency upgrades and Facade Improvements to create a neighborhood Icon and beacon that would provide more visibility for the NAACP Headquarters. While the energy upgrades were made to the building systems, part of STA’s design team focused on the exterior design and worked to highlight it on Vance. The streetscape has a mix of active and properties; however, renewed growth in the area has made re-activating spaces along Vance an important precedent for further improvements to the neighborhood. The building was painted a bold white color to contrast with the neighborhood and increase visibility. The front entry was opened up by adding large windows and lighting, restoring the original openness of the south facade. The eyebrow and planter were highlighted in contrasting black and gray to create a portal entrance that attracts visitors to the door. Landscaping was added to accentuate the flow and massing of the eyebrow, add a welcoming green touch. STA then created a vertical spine off the eyebrow emblazoned with a bold contrasting NAACP logo. The Memphis NAACP is more than just an advocate for equity and justice throughout the region, they are also core community members, improving the lives of all who visit. The NAACP has programming for all ages throughout the year. Developing a welcoming atmosphere for the building creates a more fun and environment for their students. Creating a landmark in the rapidly developing mixed-income neighborhood helps existing businesses