Self+Tucker Architects

MLK Conference Room

The City of Memphis had long needed a space to host meetings for large groups of people on the main floor of City Hall. Just north of the Hall of Mayors was a seldom used room initially designed as a Gallery, it was exceptionally finished with terrazzo floors and walls and a wood accent wall. In conjunction with MLK50, STA designed a new Conference Room and the City commissioned local artist Lonnie Robinson to create a 6’ tall painting of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This portrait is the focal point for the Conference Room. A wall-mounted quote by Dr. King hoovers above the portrait and establishes the context for meetings and events: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” sets the stage for meetings and events. With a small budget, the design honed in on the ceiling plane and the focal wall hosting the life-sized portrait. 2’ x 2’ acoustical ceiling tiles were staggered matching the existing floor and wood joints reinforcing a homogenous room design. Artificial lighting consisted of inlaid grid LEDs and a continuous linear fixture that spans 40’ centered above the a expansive conference table seating 32. The room was dedicated by Mayor Jim Strickland during the City’s MLK Luminary Awards, unveiled on King Day – January 21, 2019.

City Council Conference Room

The renovated design of the Council Committee room increases connectivity between the citizens and public officials creating a more efficient and comfortable environment. It seats nearly 80 participants comfortably and mimics the design of the City Council Chamber with council members seated at a podium facing towards the audience. The space also includes a designated space for media to tape the proceedings and added storage room.The initial design of the committee meeting room was very confined in which the renovation includes a curved wood accent wall that softens and warms the space. The room also now includes original artwork from local artist Ernest Withers which brings more character of Memphis to the room.

Sweet Potato Baby Café

The proposed location of the Sweet Potato Baby Café is in the lower level of the Universal Life Insurance Building. The Café will occupy the same space, the Cafeteria, from which the Universal Life Insurance Company served meal and hosted event for over 50 years. The SWB Café will be an exciting amenity for workers and businesses in the renovated building, as well as, a new Downtown venue for the others desiring an exceptional dining experiences and healthy cuisine. The 1900 SF café has a dining area with seating for 50 and additional seating for 12 in the adjacent exterior courtyard. In response to the SPB business model which includes a significant amount of catering services, the new café features an 800 SF kitchen.

Universal Parenting Place

Universal Parenting Place is the second learning development pilot in Shelby County. The centers focus on the parents, empowering them to stop negative behaviors in children before they turn into serious problems, such as violence, addiction, obesity and depression. The concept of the design was a bridge between “Starbucks and the Children’s Museum”. It focuses on all child development aspects. The entire space provides opportunities for interactive learning and creative play area where parents and children can have fun. There are designated areas for interaction and one on one counselling. It’s a relaxed and yet vibrant environment with comfortable seating, creative child oriented furniture and playful structures for all children.

MHA High Rises

The interior upgrades of Memphis Housing Authority high rise buildings strive to improve the quality of life of its residents. The scope of work concentrates on the renovation of common spaces, such as dining, entertaining, lounge and reception area. The lobby areas of all high rises receive new ceramic tile or stained concrete floors and ceiling tiles. New receptionist desk will also welcome the visitors as they enter each building.


With the opening of Arby's / Juice It Up, hot roast beef sandwiches and custom citrus drinks are offered to Memphis International patrons. Lime and orange glass tiles mixed with medium wood tones blend into one efficient food concession venue.

Blue Note

This project consists of demolition and build-out of a new themed concession venue for 5,500 sqaure feet in the Memphis International Airport. The theme is to pay tribute to the past and present Delta Blues Music. The interior space is used by passengers for smoking on the secured side of the airport. Non-smoking is accommodated by seating designed to represent a street scale patio of older Beale Street building façade in the concourse walkway. Here a starlit marquee and terrazzo piano keyboard draws you into the entrance. A live performance stage also serves as the focus point to an original arkwork by New Orleans artist Dr. Bob who is well-known in the blues music circuit. During live performance, a ceiling level blue laser pulses in time with the music while patterning the cigarette smoke before it is evacuated through the special systems designed for the space.


The Center for Emerging Entrepreneurial Development (C.E.E.D.) is a “business incubator” for prospective mid-south minority businesses designed to accommodate a variety of start up businesses in a corporate setting that allows for common use of a receptionist and various other office functions. The interior of their local office accommodates the functions of the client’s professional corporate needs while providing room for a variety of services offered by C.E.E.D. A welcoming reception and a spacious lobby area can be easily transformed to hold informal meetings and conduct business presentations.

Coffee Beanery

The Coffee Beanery opened its first stores in the United States in 1976, before the American public knew the term "specialty coffee." In the 24 years that have followed, the Coffee Beanery continues to build on the principles of time-tested and honored traditions and values. Located in the Memphis International Airport, traveling patrons recognize these designs as trusted and true.

Corky’s Ribs and BBQ

A signature Memphis Restaurant and internationally known brand, the design of Corky’s Ribs and BBQ at Memphis International Airport incorporates both casual sit-down dining as well as efficient “grab-and-go” carry-out service. The 700 square feet venue also utilizes a portion of the concourse for a sidewalk café experience. The design blends both traditional and contemporary elements in a balanced design that is at once anchored and forward looking.

Edy’s Grand Ice Cream

Making a “world class” facility was a prime directive for the new Edy’s Grand Ice Cream concession space at the Memphis International Airport. Each finish, equipment detail and operational work flow had to also embellish the distinct flavor of Edy’s Grand Ice Cream.

Memphis International Airport Food Court

Back Yard Burgers, Famiglia Pizza and Memphis' own Neely's Interstate Bar-B-Que were the first concessions open in the airport's "world class" renovations of the "Y" rotunda. It is hard to decide which aroma will satisfy the taste buds of busy travelers as they rest briefly in the food court seating and surf the wireless internet

La Vogue

New design ideas transform the interiors of an existing hair salon into an upscale western-style beauty shop, typically seen in L.A. Stained concrete and hard wood replace the old VCT flooring while the original ceilings are exposed and painted black. Modern light fixtures and a touch of color warm up the clean white-washed walls of the space. New display case features a wide variety of hair products that can be purchased by the customers.

Rhythms Café & Bar

Located in the international concourse of Memphis International Airport, Rhythms Café & Bar was designed to reflect the rich diversity of the Memphis Music Scene including rock-and-roll, soul and blues music while providing passengers with a flavor of Memphis’ culinary diversity. With its contemporary motif and carefully selected palate of finishes, Rhythms’ design builds upon the Memphis International Airport’s “World Class” initiative.

Vito’s Gormet Deli

Was designed to provide an authentic, vintage deli-experience in a small, 300 square feet footprint. Although space is limited, the design provides an open feel. The venue provides both dine-in and carry-out service. The menu boards and custom wallpaper lend to the vintage feel

"Self+Tucker Architects have proven themselves time and time again, that they are a valuable resource to the Memphis Community."

– Richard K. Lendor, President of CrossWinds Management